Creating Your Own App

We’ve all heard internet success stories where one or two people started a website, like Facebook or MySpace, and became famous and wealthy seemingly overnight. Then, we have the killer apps. Apps like Instagram and Snapchat took the world by storm and seemed to come from nowhere. These sites and apps have restructured the economic landscape by creating an entirely new industry, and while we can’t all be internet rock stars, there is still the promise of untapped financial potential and fiscal opportunity all over the web. Here are a few ways to capitalize on that potential.
Sites like Google and YouTube are so ubiquitous now that they’ve become verbs in the American lexicon, and it’s the latter I want to tell you about today. YouTube has once again revolutionized the economic world by essentially single handedly creating an industry to rival those of cinema and television. YouTube creators can reach billions of people and make billions of dollars, many of them being a one man (or woman) team in their own homes. With hard work and a finger on the pulse of society, you, too, can climb the ladder to YouTube celebrity. YouTube is far from the only online community where such fame and fortune can be achieved, however, so just keep your eyes open for new opportunity.
On the flip side of that, you could create your own website or app. Learning how to code isn’t easy, per se, but it is widely accessible online. With that in mind, anyone can create a website or app. It all starts with a good idea and hard work. Throw in some marketing knowhow, and before you know it, your website or app can be the next big thing. Sites like Namecheap can set you up with a domain name at a low price to get you and your website up and running. The sky’s the limit!

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